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Industrial & Systems Engineering
Class of ’19

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Hello! My name is Anya, and I am majoring in Industrial and Systems engineering, and pursuing a minor in Computer Forensics. I’m from rainy Seattle, which makes the incredible Los Angeles weather that much better! Here at USC, I am involved with Troy Camp and the Joint Educational Project, both amazing organizations that serve students in the local community. I am also involved in a social sorority, Tri Delta. Last semester, I had an internship at White Memorial Medical Center trending data for the Emergency Department. This past summer, I worked at a summer camp for individuals with special needs. In my free time, I enjoy attending open mic night at Ground Zero and eating my way through LA! As always, Fight On!

My Favorite Places in LA


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Troy Camp is an amazing USC organization that works with third graders through high schoolers in the local community. We have many programs throughout the week, as well as all year we work to raise money to send our students to camp during the summer who have never been to camp before!
Through the Joint Educational Project, I have the opportunity to volunteer twice a week in a local school and mentor students in the class I am placed with. I mentor these students in math, and many classes offer extra credit if you participate!
I joined Tri Delta my freshman fall semester, and it gave me a network of amazing, string women who are all involved in really cool things in and off campus. Tri Delta has given me many string role models to look up to as well as strengthened my leadership skills.

My Major at USC: Industrial & Systems Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This class was the first ISE class I took, and it really made me know for sure ISE is what I want to do. The guest lecturers were amazing and really inspired me to apply for an internship my first semester. Many of them were upper-level professors as well who made me so excited for their classes!
This class is a real life look into what one aspect of ISE industry looks like, and we have the opportunity to experience a real life case study as a group project! I have learned so much that is applicable to my possible future career in an accessible way. The professor also works in industry and has great connections for future internships!
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More About Me!

An amazing playlist a friend made me to show me alternative music!

My Tips for You

On: Essays

Let your voice shine through! This doesn't have to be the next masterpiece in the world of literature - it just needs to show the reader who you are and what makes you special!

On: Selecting a major

Make sure to select majors you are interested, because often schools require supplemental essays in order to be admitted into a specific program! Also, some schools have strict guidelines on switching majors so be sure to consider that when evaluating schools!

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true?
True! I have actually only driven an automatic car a few times in my life!
True! I emailed professors until one of them let me know of an opportunity I was qualified for!
False! I’ve never taken surfing but I think it it might be my favorite class if I did.

My Favorite Shows

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    The Office is hands down my favorite show, I have seen every episode at least five times. I think it’s a classic hilarious show that will never fail to crack me up. Dwight Shrute makes my life better and I am so grateful that this show exists.

  • criminal-minds-season-12

    Criminal Minds is one show that never gets old for me, every week is new and exciting! I used to want to be a member of the Behavoiral Analysis Unit when I was younger, and I really wish I could meet the cast, especially Spencer Reid.

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    Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds both air on Wednesdays, I love watching both of them on the same day. Both shows are super exciting and I love the character Olivia Benson, as well as how the show brings in social commentary.