When I was looking at the options for freshman housing, I didn’t know how to choose. Flipping through the USC housing catalog, you could see all the options of places to live and their amenities, but it nothing about the personality of the building itself. Each dorm on campus truly has a unique experience that comes with living there, and I firmly believe that whichever housing option you choose, you will love it.


For my freshman year housing, I chose to live in Fluor Tower. On paper, Fluor has advantages such as being right next to the Lyon Center, Café 84, and Engemann Student Health Center. However, there are so many more advantages to living in Fluor Tower.


First of all, living in a suite was such an incredible experience. Instead of having just one roommate, I felt like I had seven. All of us became incredibly close during the school year, and it was awesome to get to know girls I never would have otherwise met had we not shared living quarters. Also, having the common area and larger bathroom just shared between the eight of us was really convenient, because we could do homework, hang out, and get ready for the day all without leaving the comfort of what became our home.


There are also three other suites on the Fluor, all of whom I got the opportunity to know well through building events, studying together in the study room, fighting over who got to use the washing machine, or simply in the hallways or in the elevator. Our floor gave me the chance to meet really cool people all from very different majors and unique places, and definitely brightened by USC experience.


I cannot recommend living in Fluor Tower highly enough. I met some of my best friends, stayed away from the freshman fifteen because the gym was right next door, and loved being able to walk over to Café 84 every morning for breakfast. Fluor Tower is also located very close to many engineering classes, more so than so of the other dorms, making it extra convenient. As I said, I believe wherever you choose to live, you’ll be happy, but Fluor Tower is definitely a winning choice! Fluor Tower Suite 902A, thank you for memories and lifelong friends I will not forget!


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