Coming in last year as a freshman, I confined myself to almost always studying in my dorm. This was before I realized how unproductive studying near my bed was because the temptation to watch Netflix in bed instead of do homework was often very overwhelming. Since then, I have discovered many alternatives to the small-desk-in-room default.


  • The study room! Many dorms, apartments, and Greek houses have these. It’s a fun way to hang out with friends and get work done!
  • The library! Leavey has many options, including room bookings, quiet floors, and individual study cubicles. Doheny also has some beautiful rooms and there are also silent study cubicles in the book stacks, although Doheny is not open 24 hours like Leavey. There are also many other cool libraries that are less visited, like the Philosophy Library.
  • Kings Hall! If Leavey is too busy, this building is located in the corner of campus near the Lyon Center.
  • The Engineering Quad! Offers an outside area with shaded tables and the relaxing sound of water from the fountain.
  • McCarthy Quad! Offers a 360 view of campus and laying out a blanket or a hammock can be a relaxing way to hit the books.
  • Ground Zero! Sip a milkshake while you work! Ground Zero has lots of tables and a great study ambiance as long as there isn’t a show going on.
  • Grace Ford Salvatori Hall! There are often open classrooms that are up for grabs if you’re studying with a group, the same goes for many buildings on campus. The classroom space is very good for collaborative projects.
  • Campus Center! While often busy, campus center is a great place to get work done alone or with friends while not feeling locked away in your room.
  • Venture around campus and find a new place to sit and get some work done! One of my favorite places I discovered was a little area by Mudd Hall that’s very peaceful.
  • A coffee shop close to campus! Nature’s Brew is a coffee shop very close to campus with a great study atmosphere. There are also places downtown which is a good excuse to get off campus and see the area while still being productive.
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