One of the amazing ladies at camp!

One of the amazing ladies at camp!

Every ten days, I look back at the session which has now just ended, exhausted but my heart so full of memories makes each moment more than worth it. Instead of taking an engineering related internship or working an office job, I chose to try something completely new this summer. I’ve experienced more laughing, new adventures, and so much love, and I’ve never once wished I was doing anything else. My summer job at Camp Krem for individuals with special needs has opened my eyes to many different ways of experiencing and living life in a way I never imagined.


Camp Krem’s self-described mission is to enrich the lives of those with special needs through recreation, education, fun and adventure. Campers are encouraged to participate in music, games, sports, swimming, arts and crafts, campfires, talent shows, and so many more activities. It’s so wonderful watching campers each and every day walking around with the largest grins on their faces, having the time of their lives and escaping their daily routines for a while.


Because I’m majoring in engineering, many people have asked me what brought me to work at Camp Krem. I knew I wanted to spend my summer doing something that would make a difference, even if it were small (but not insignificant). I really wanted to work with this special population as well, because I knew that I as a counselor, I could positively impact the lives of the campers and change my own life as well. I even think that many skills I have learned can apply to the engineering world. Working at this camp, you really gain skills in finding creative, new approaches to solving problems, as well as a whole lot of patience, which is useful in just about any field.


I highly recommend that if you have time, you take the opportunity to do something completely unrelated to your major, because hey, you might be doing that the whole rest of your life anyway. I have had a thousand irreplaceable experiences this summer, and I thank Camp Krem for that a million times over.


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