So happy to be back fighting on!

So happy to be back fighting on!

I never thought I would be so excited to drive into Los Angeles on a Saturday during rush hour, but it was so awesome to be back at USC after a long summer. In high school, you always look forward to the summer and count down the days, never expecting that one day you’ll be so excited for school to start again. I had an incredible summer, but nonetheless I was ecstatic to be starting classes again this August.


My family picked me up in Northern California at the camp I had been working at all summer, and we drove all the way to USC with all of my stuff. While the drive was long and hot, I definitely preferred having the convenience of bringing everything in the car instead of having to pack it all into flight-appropriate sized suitcases.


Saying goodbye to camp was especially difficult after having spent the better part of three months living there, but having so many exciting things to look forward to at USC is definitely a comfort! I am so excited for getting moved into my room, for classes to start, to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, and to just be back in the place I have learned to call home.


In the next few weeks, so many exciting things are going to happen, and I cannot wait! Classes will start, and it’s so much fun seeing who you know in your classes, hearing about the class, and getting used to your new schedule! The first football game is also in the beginning of September; game days really highlight the extent to which the Trojan family can come together to support the team. Also, student organizations all come to Trousdale for the involvement fair, where students of any year can come to hear about and potentially join hundreds of unique organizations!


The beginning of the fall semester is always filled with a sense of enthusiasm and new adventures to come; I know that this semester will be just as great as the last! Here’s to an exciting new school year and a ton of new experiences!


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