Not being in a formal internship program meant that I had to figure out ways to lock myself down and focus on the goals I had for that day. Without a regular 9-5, it’s really, really easy to do nothing, lay in bed, and just watch Netflix all day. To curb that and attempt to be productive, I decided that I needed to make a daily schedule. While it wasn’t super strict, here’s the play-by-play of what my summer days have looked like:

8:30am:   Wake up, shower.

9:00am:   Make breakfast (scrambled eggs, anyone?)

9:30am:   Read from the summer reading list.

11:30am: Prep a dope lunch.

12:00pm: Eat a dope lunch.

12:30pm: Work on coding projects.

3:30pm:   Break.

4:00pm:   Grind on coding.

6:30pm:   Workout

8:00pm:   Go boarding.

8:15pm:   Shower + Snack

9:00pm:   Chill, relax, do nothing.

11:00pm: Keep reading from summer reading list.

12:00am: Sleep.

That’s the schedule, and I tried to keep it as consistent as possible throughout the summer. It’s kept me sane, and more importantly it’s forced me to actually be productive. Self-starting is hard, but it’s absolutely worth it. So what was I actually working on? Stay tuned and you’ll see eventually 🙂