We’re halfway through summer. More than that, actually. Where does all the time go?!?

This summer, I’ve been keeping myself really busy – let’s jump right into it. The biggest thing that’s been keep me busy is definitely my internship at Northrop Grumman. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever expect! …although I’m not allowed to tell you what I’m working on. I always feel like some sort of super secret spy when I say that.

Me? I'll never tell.

Me on a typical tuesday

I’m working full time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to go out and have some fun over the weekends. At the beginning of the summer, I spent a little time just exploring LA with a couple of friends. There’s so much stuff here that exploring never gets old.

Much more peaceful now that there's not, you know, the whole Cold War thing

Much more peaceful now that there’s not, you know, that whole “cold war” thing

This time, we happened upon an old Nike missile early warning radar site from the Cold War, still preserved and all – that was pretty unexpected. It’s right at the top of Mullholland Drive, although be warned that you’ve got to drive up a long dirt road to get there. It was neat; apparently the missiles were stored in the Sepulveda Basin, and from this hill they would search from incoming Soviet bombers. History is cool, kids! But also a little bit terrifying.

Of course, I’ve been to the beach – nothing out of the ordinary there. I’m pretty sure you’re legally required to go to the beach at least once a month if you live here. Or if not, you should be. The beach is always nice, and you gotta take advantage of this nice weather that we only get 365 days out of the year.

Filling in the rest of my summer has been a lot of random, fun adventures. I’ve gone a few times to some new restaurant/hot dog stand/thing over in the Valley called Slaw Dogs. They have this one really spicy hotdog (I mean really spicy. Not like “oh man I put too much sriracha on that” spicy, like “sitting in silence with tears in your eyes” spicy) that we just suffer through each time we go because… it’s a bonding experience? I don’t really know why we do it. But it’s good. I’ve been playing soccer and throwing treats to my neighbor’s dogs and eating In-N-Out, all part of my requirements for a good summer, so overall I give this summer an A+. Plus, there’s still some time left. Maybe I’ll go on a roadtrip after my internship. I kind of want to drive to Colorado. Who knows? That’s what makes summer great – I never make too many plans and just try to figure it out as it goes along.

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