Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make. At the beginning of the whole process I was finding it really difficult to narrow down my choices. I was overwhelmed by the ridiculously large pile of mail I had received from colleges around the country. I started thinking about what I would be interested in studying, how far away from home I wanted to be, and where I would want to live.

Coming from Arizona I really wanted the chance to go to a school out of state but still close enough to home for my family to be able to visit. I didn’t want to attend a small school but I also didn’t want a school so big that I would feel lost. A very diverse student body was also very important to me. This is something I felt I would get at a larger school. I narrowed my search to schools in the west, focusing my attention on schools in California. The California weather, the beaches, and the city life were all things that really appealed to me.

Deciding what I wanted to study in college made the decision much easier. I have always enjoyed math and science so chemical engineering seemed like a perfect balance of the two. I didn’t know much about USC until I started the college application process. Once I did my research I realized that USC fit all of my criteria. It has a great engineering program, a diverse student body, a good size and location, and so many other things I didn’t even know I wanted.

Visiting USC for Explore USC, an event for admitted students, moved USC to my number 1 choice. Once I got to see the campus and meet the students, I really felt like USC was the place for me. USC had the great engineering school I was looking for, plus all of the opportunities of a large school while still providing the attention of a small school. Three years later I am still just as happy with my decision. I can’t see myself being at any other school.

Hopefully reading about my college decision process can help you with your own. Good luck making your college decision!!




Anastasia, Chemical Engineering (Biochemical), Class of 2012