Weekly Highlights:

This week I found out I’m the new Junior Representative for AIChE! I have a meeting with the president tomorrow to learn more about my responsibilities and about all the fun things AIChE is doing this semester.

Finally I’m done with almost all of my midterms! (Which means I get to catch up on How I Met Your Mother!!) I took my CHE442 (Chemical Reactor Analysis) midterm on Tuesday. Unfortunately that midterm was pretty rough. I’ve been sick since Sunday so studying was the last thing I wanted to be doing this week, but I pushed through and thank goodness it’s over. We had 1 hour to finish 4 reactor design problems. I was able to completely finish 2 of them and wrote a few equations down for the other 2. Luckily there’s a curve and it seemed like everyone else was in the same boat. Gotta love the curve!

TheĀ Grand Challenges Summit started today! The Summit brings together leading experts, scientists, innovators, etc. to discuss 14 grand challenges that we are facing today. I was reading about some of the challenges the other day and it got me super excited to hear what they have to say about reverse engineering the brain. Tomorrow and Friday I get to work at the event so I’ll get to hear some of the discussions.




Anastasia, Chemical Engineering (Biochemical), Class of 2012