Unfortunately I can’t say I’m going to miss 2011. This year I was met with a lot of unforeseen challenges. People that are very close to me were dealing with serious health problems. I also dealt with a frustrating leasing company (frustrating is an understatement) and couldn’t stay in my own apartment for a month. As if stressing about health problems, my apartment, and a full-load of engineering classes wasn’t enough, I also got in a car accident. At the end of this semester another devastating health issue came up and I was completely burned out. For the last month of this semester I tried to put everything on hold (didn’t blog very much :/ sorry!) except my school work since my classes had taken a backseat for much of the semester. Luckily I finished my classes on a good note.

Even though this year had some pretty rough points, I did learn many valuable lessons. I have a wonderful boyfriend, family, and friends that supported me through everything but the most unexpected part was that my professors and the staff in the admission office at Viterbi are equally as helpful and supportive. When I finally told a couple of my professors what I was going through and asked for help, they were so supportive and more than happy to help me in any way I needed. As a student worker for the admission office in the engineering school, I see the admission staff all the time. Many of them saw that I was going through a hard time and were just as supportive as my professors had been. Lesson: Don’t hesitate to ask for help!!! You may be surprised at how helpful people can be.

I feel like I grew up a lot this year. The low points helped me appreciate the good times and not take things for granted. And don’t worry, there were plenty of good times. I had a lot of great times with my friends, took 2 trips to San Diego (one of my favorite cities!!!), flew to Minneapolis for a conference, spent Thanksgiving in Colorado, and plenty more. Now I’m in Arizona spending winter break with my family. I plan on hanging out with the fam, eating a lot of delicious food, and catching up with old friends. I can’t wait to start a new year and my final semester of college!

PS: This will be my last blog until school starts again. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Talk to you in January!



Anastasia, Chemical Engineering (Biochemical), Class of 2012