This blog post is part of a series by the Viterbi Student Ambassadors about our plans for the summer break. For more student blogs on this topic, check out Viterbi Voices.

I can’t believe I’m a senior now!! Junior year was great but I’m glad to finally have a break from school. This summer will be the first summer I spend in LA and I am sooo excited!! A lot of my friends are staying in LA as well, which means I’ll be spending lots of time exploring LA with friends this summer.

The last two weeks in May I am spending in AZ with my family. I wanted to spend at least a couple weeks with them before I head back to LA. Once I get back I will start working in the Center for Engineering Diversity (CED) as an assistant and in the Viterbi Admission Office as a Peer Orientation Advisor. If you’re attending one of the on-campus orientation sessions you’ll probably see me when you start registering for classes. Be sure to say hi! 🙂

In July I am going to be one of 3 resident advisors (RA) for the CED Summer Institute Program. The program is for underrepresented engineering students that will be starting their freshman year in the Fall. I was an RA last summer and it was a ton of fun! The RAs lead fun activities every night and on weekends we get to take the students on surprise trips around the city.

July is also my birthday month! I’m excited to spend my 21st in LA where most of my friends will be and to top it all off I’m gonna have a car this summer! Hopefully you’re as excited about your summer vacation as I am about mine!

This will be my last blog post until the Fall but I’ll be sure to tweet about my summer adventures. You can follow me on twitter at



Anastasia, Chemical Engineering (Biochemical), Class of 2012