A big concern of mine when I was coming to college was whether I would have time to have a life outside of school. I thought engineering students did homework all day and would be happy to get even a couple hours of sleep. While the work load does demand a lot of time, it definitely doesn’t take all of my time. There are definitely nights when I don’t get enough sleep and weeks when I am crazy stressed but I’ve realized that every college student feels like that at times, not just engineers. The key is to manage your time as well as you can. Getting things done in the random breaks between classes will free up soooo much time in the evening and leave room for you to do fun things. Lately I’ve been trying to get work done during the week so I can have fun during the weekends.

Last weekend I attended my aunt’s baby shower in San Diego. Just the fact that I was in SD was enough to keep me happy all weekend. I absolutely love that city! The weather was fantastic. Sunshiny all weekend but not too hot. I got to SD on Friday afternoon after an awesome drive down the 5 freeway. Had my windows down and radio blasting the whole way there 🙂 First stop was my friend’s new apartment. She graduated from USC last year and is now living in SD and working at CareFusion. We wasted no time… went straight to the nail salon to get pedicures, got dinner, and watched an episode of “New Girl”; total girls’ night.

My mom and sister flew in to SD that night which made the weekend even more amazing since I’ve been missing my family a lot lately. The baby shower was on Saturday. It was so fun to play the typical baby shower games. We played the guess what’s in the diaper game…. Ew!! We also got to make onesies for the baby and I think mine was pretty funny if I do say so myself 😛


The onesie I made for my cousin 🙂

See engineers have time for fun 😛



Anastasia, Chemical Engineering (Biochemical), Class of 2012