Food Spot:

At Campus Center there are a bunch of yummy restaurants like Lemonade and California Pizza Kitchen but one of my favorite places to eat is in the RTH (Engineering headquarters) Cafe because they have super cheap Bahn Mi sandwiches, which is the perfect snack in between classes. The RTH outside area is also beautiful.


Study Spot:

You can find me pretty much 90% of the time in the VKC Library. There are couches if I am just on my laptop and private tables if I need a bigger work place. I love it because it is located in the very middle of campus, and the center area is open so there is a ton of natural lighting.

That being said, I am a big proponent of mixing up my study spot if I can’t concentrate so I also frequent New Annenberg and Heritage Hall.


Hang Out Spot:

McCarthy Quad is probably the most well known landmark at USC. It is right in the middle of the 3 biggest libraries and the majority of freshmen dorms and just automatically reminds me of freshmen year. I love lounging in the grass or playing catchup frisbee and I can’t go more than 15 minutes sitting out there without seeing someone I know so it’s a very social area.

I am also a big fan of rooftops and USC provides a great view of LA.


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