Summer 2015: Visa and Melbourne

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Hey Everyone! I just finished up my action packed summer of 2015! I started my internship with Visa on May 18th just 5 days after my last final. I interned with the Digital and Mobile Product Development group and I absolutely loved it. My specific role was to create dashboards for project and product managers to track the status of the dev teams use of a methodology called Agile. l already knew a bit of HTML which was helpful but I was mostly coding in JavaScript which I learned from scratch. My favorite part about working at Visa was learning about the innovation happening in the payment industry, specifically with digital products. Money exchange is an ancient concept but in the past couple years, the way we pay has dramatically changed with the introduction of PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and bitcoin to name a few. With all of this innovation, comes added security risks and the introduction of tokenization. It was so cool knowing that I was working on products that will make the lives of millions simpler. To learn more about how I got my internship through USC, check out here

Visa Ice Cream Party!

Visa Ice Cream Party!

And now, I am currently writing this post from Melbourne, Australia where I will be studying for the next semester! I just finished orientation and registering for my classes that start on Monday. I’m taking Chemistry, Physics of Electricity and Magnetism, Vector Calculus, and Database Systems. I’m in for a tough semester but all of the classes will transfer from the University of Melbourne to USC so I’ll still be furthering my major along by 16 units while I’m abroad which is awesome! I was really concerned that I wouldn’t be able to graduate in 4 years if I studied abroad but USC really makes sure that if you want to study abroad, you can! 

Putting the study in study abroad! This is the State of Victoria Library in Melbourne

Putting the study in study abroad! This is the State of Victoria Library in Melbourne

It has been incredible exploring Melbourne so far and I’m really excited for the semester to start even though it will be tough to be away from SC. I’m most bummed about missing football season but luckily I’ll be back in the spring for Dance Marathon, build season for SC Racing, and the Ultimate Frisbee season, as well as Springfest, Coachella, and spring in LA which is my favorite. 

Going to miss gamedays this year :(

Going to miss gamedays this year 🙁

Be sure to come back and check up on my Melbourne adventures and feel free to message me if you have any questions about spending a semester abroad or having an internship in the Bay Area!  

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