I definitely didn’t realize how much needs to happen before graduation. First of all, I can’t fail any of my classes which isn’t a major risk but HOW TERRIBLE would it be that I fail my first class in my last semester of college and then I don’t actually get to graduate. Then I have to plan senior pictures which at USC means hiring a photographer to take photos of you and your friends frolicking around. And then I need to coordinate my parents coming down and moving out of my apartment. AND I NEED TO DESIGN MY GRADUATION SASH.

Started college. Blinked. And uhh… here I am.

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This is arguably the most important task from the ones listed above. I’m taking it to get embroidered tomorrow so right now I’m trying to figure out what I want on it. I’ll list out everything I’ve been involved with and could possibly have embroidered:

  1. Viterbi School of Engineering: Gotta have this one right? I didn’t spend 4 years of hard work in math and computer science classes to not to brag about being an engineer
  2. B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering: I don’t know if I need this one though a lot of people do put their majors on their stoles. It’s soooo long though and I already have the Viterbi one so I’ll probs not put this one
  3. University of Melbourne Crest: I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne in Australia for a semester so I either want the school crest or the Australian flag. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions…
  4. LavaLab: I’ve been on executive board for LavaLab (USC’s student run startup incubator) for the past year and it’s definitely been a defining organization for me. Do I do the logo or just the text though? Ugh someone help me
  5. Viterbi Student Ambassador: VSA has been the most consistent involvement I’ve had at USC, since the end of freshmen year! So I’m def gonna put the VSA logo
  6. Trojan Dance Marathon: I was on executive board of Dance Marathon for a year and really involved my first two years at USC. It’s pretty important to me but since it’s not a recent involvement I feel kinda weird putting it on my sash
  7. SC Racing: I joined SC Racing my sophomore year and worked on the composites team. Unfortunately after coming back from Australia I didn’t get back into it
  8. Design for America: DFA is a super cool org that uses design based thinking to tackle social problems on campus. I spend a semester my sophomore year on the mental health team and really enjoyed it
  9. Ultimate Frisbee: I also spent my sophomore year playing ultimate frisbee which was sooo much fun and I met all my current roommates through it (as you can see sophomore year was a very busy one for me which is why I hopped on a plane to Australia for a break hahaha)

I will post my final sash when I get it back from the embroiderer!

PS. The cover photo is a picture I stole from my friend Lyssa who graduated in 2015!

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