My New Years Resolution this year was to do at least one new thing every single week and so far I am off to a great start. I decided that new hikes and new restaurants count as new experiences because sometimes it can be tough to find something new to do but checkout my list below!

  1. Very first USC Rosebowl win (while I’ve been a USC fan LOL)!
  2. My first trivia night at a bar! This was at Rose and Crown which is a bar in Palo Alto where I’m from and it was so much fun! I highly recommend trivia nights.
  3. LA Kings game!! I’ve been to a bunch of Sharks ice hockey games but this was my first Kings game and my first sports game at the Staples center EVER! Which is crazy because it’s a 5 minute uber ride away.
  4. Hiked Eagle Rock in the Santa Monica Mountains.
  5. Hiked Trail Canyon Falls with a bunch of friends, which was my first waterfall sighting in Southern California.
  6. Participated in the historic Women’s March in Los Angeles!!! This was absolutely AMAZING. Close to a million people showed up for the march and it felt so empowering.
  7. I went to my first art show in LA called, Pancakes & Booze and it was so much fun. Awesome music and awesome art.
  8. Listened to Physics Nobel Laureate Adam Riess Lecture at USC!! He discovered that space is not only expanding but accelerating, which is insane! And it was my very first time even seeing a Nobel Laureate.
  9. Went to my first USC-UCLA basketball game!!! AND WE WON!!!! I have had 3 prior opportunities to go to the USC-UCLA basketball game at USC but either the student section was filled before I got there or I had a test to study for. I’m soooo happy I got to do this before I graduated.
  10. Went to Birdies which is this fried chicken and donut place in DTLA. AMAZING.
  11. I went to Warehouse Disco which is this underground music scene in LA. Every week it’s a different warehouse, which is probably sketch but it was crazy and so much fun. All 70s music!
  12. WAWAWAWARRIORSSSSS!! I went to my first Warriors and first NBA game ever! It was at the Staples center and they were playing the Clippers and it was amazing. I’m from the Bay and am so happy I finally got to see STEPH CURRY IN THE FLESH.
  13. The Broad! Probably the most instagrammed place in Los Angeles but I finally made it over to the art museum. Super duper cool.
  14. Camping in Los Alamos at Pyramid Lake with LavaLab. I planned this entire camping trip of 50 PEOPLE and it was AMAZING and EXHAUSTING. But it was my first time camping at Pyramid Lake even though I drive past it all the time when I’m driving from the Bay to LA and it was my first time camping with 50 of my friends hahaha.

SO, as you can see even as a senior with only one semester left, I am still doing many new things every single week. I hope I can keep up my awesome streak

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