This semester I am taking five classes: Computer Science, Probability, Enterprise Systems, Physics, and Art History. I was a little nervous about taking four technical classes but so far it seems manageable! My favorite class so far is ITP-320 or Enterprise Information Systems. It’s an intro class to SAP taught by Professor Kale and I like it because it teaches really applicable and tangible skills. SAP is used by almost all major companies (like Amazon, Apple, Nestle, etc.) as a business and distribution software and USC is unique in that they offer classes using the software. On my very first day of class, Professor Kale sent us an email with a list of companies in Los Angeles specifically looking for undergrad interns with knowledge of SAP which was awesome! It’s definitely something I can put on my resume. I am actually thinking about getting a specialization in the software just to refine my Information Systems focus.

I also joined a bunch of new clubs so my schedule has been packed with going to info sessions. I am most excited about Ultimate Frisbee and Girls in Tech, but I’m also trying out NOBE (National Organization for Business and Engineering) and the USC Formula SAE Car Racing team. It seems like a lot to take on but I figure that college is the time to join clubs and find what I’m interested in.

I just got back from the Weekender where thousands of USC students and alumni flocked to Palo Alto (my hometown) to see the USC-Stanford game! USC and Stanford arguably have a bigger rivalry than USC and UCLA (read about it here) and it was extra exciting for me since I pretty much grew up on Stanford campus. It was a fantastic win and so awesome to beat them now two years in a row.

Stanford Pano

The 93000 people in attendance for the 2013 home USC-Stanford game.

At the Stanford stadium right after we scored a 53-yard field goal putting us ahead.

At Stanford stadium when it was still tied at 10-10 in the last quarter.

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