Basically I am a grandma but get ready.
7:15am – Wake up. Get mad that I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off.
7:20am – Alarm goes off. I’m already awake so I can silence it in seconds.
7:50am – Get out of bed after reading emails and Facebook for 30 min.
8:12am – Leave the house.
8:37am – Train comes to the California Ave stop in Palo Alto. Try and find a seat and read.
9:29am – Train arrives at SF station. Get mad that I’m in the middle of a chapter or that I accidentally spent the whole train ride on Instagram.
9:43am – Get to work. YAYYYY SPLUNK.
9:50am – Finish my first iced coffee of the day.
10:00am – Work on handoff document, check status of dev team on Jira, make a new Jira dashboard if I’m feeling hyped, read Splunk news, Splunk certification course, other fun meetings about product management.
12:00pm – Lunch, literally on the dot. I am never late to lunch. Yum yum yum.
12:30pm – Resume all the stuff I was doing before.
1:00pm – Finish my second iced coffee of the day.
3:00pm – Get m&ms.
3:03pm – Get more m&ms.
3:10pm – Go for a walk around the office and say hi to friends.
3:30pm – Get more m&ms.
5:30pm – Meeting with dev team in Shanghai.
6:30pm – Freedommmmm whoohooo, walk to the train station.
We Out
6:55pm – Train departs SF station. Find a seat and nap or meet up with buddies.
7:45pm – Train arrives at California Ave stop. Walk to gym.
8:00pm – Best Abs Ever workout. TG for Equinox.
8:30pm – Little bro picks me up. Finallyyyy after years of driving him to school and band practice he is my chauffeur. Sweet revenge.
8:45pm – Dinner with fam while watching Daily Show (I love you, Trevor Noah).
9:15pm – Take pictures of my cats.
10:30pm – Sleeeeeeeeeep.
So there ya go. Real life adulting happening. It should be important to note that I have many intern friends and on the weekends I definitely take advantage of the awesome mountains and night life around San Francisco. Surprisingly most of my friends at USC are working in SF at tech companies this summer so I always have people to see and I’m not as socially inactive as this day seems. AND I love what I’m doing. I feel important and that I’m┬ámaking a difference at Splunk which makes working until 6:30pm a blast instead of a drag.
My advice to everyone reading this is to sit back and enjoy where you are. It goes by so fast and ugh this is becoming a nostalgic senior post but seriously. We are young and have the entire world in front of us.
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