Holy moly, I can’t believe I’m a second semester COLLEGE senior. 4 years went by so quickly and though I’m seriously in shock that I am finishing up in May, I do feel like my time has come. I’m still figuring out my graduation plans but I am starting to get excited about going out in the real world.

This semester I am taking 6 classes: Senior Design, Work and Organization, 3D Animation, Software Engineering, Diversity in American Film, and Guitar. I’m most excited about 3D Animation and Diversity in American Film and though 6 classes may seem like a lot, it’s actually a lighter load than some of my other semesters. The 3D Animation class is learning how to use the software called Maya and I’ll definitely post some of my projects once I actually make something. It seems hard but a very cool software to know. My Diversity in American Film class is formatted that it’s 2-6pm every Thursday, and every class period there is a movie screening and then a discussion. We watched Rocky in week 1 and some upcoming screenings include The Godfather, The Help, 12 Years a Slave, and Django Unchained, so I am in for a very interesting semester.

My goal this semester is to do at least one new thing every week, just so I can feel like I am really making the most of my last semester of college. So far my new adventures have included my first LA Kings game, my first college trivia night, and two new hikes (Eagle Rock and Canyon Falls). Here’s to hoping my final semester is the best yet!

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