Choosing where you will attend college is perhaps the most important decision you will make during the first 18 years of your life. What part of the world will you study in? What degree programs does the school offer? How can I get involved on campus? Will I actually enjoy my four years there? All of these questions are all-too-real, and as a high school senior sitting at your desk with a pile of acceptance letters your number one priority is figuring out what college will give you the best experience.

As someone who is considering pursuing an engineering degree your college experience will most likely differ from your friends who choose other majors. Classes will be tough, there will be long nights of studying, but you also have the unique opportunity to take advantage of a very applicable curriculum that will allow you to make an impact during your college years. You will also be able to get experience through internships, student orgs, design teams, and the labs that are part of your coursework. You will also need to decide where you want to take your talents after graduation, be it higher education, industry, research, or anywhere in between. When I was choosing schools all of these aspects were very important to me, and the opportunities that I have been afforded at USC are exactly why I chose to become part of the Trojan Family, and I even discovered a few other benefits along the way.

Here are a handful of reasons why I am proud to say that I chose USC:

  1. The People – The people who you surround yourself with are very important, and as an engineer that could not be more true. At USC there is a certain aura on campus that makes you feel at home rather than feeling lost in the sea of a huge student population. There is never a day that goes by where I don’t see at least 4 or 5 of my good friends on campus just walking around or hanging out, and everyone on campus looks genuinely happy to be here. In Viterbi, all of my classmates are very collaborative and love to work together to make sure everyone succeeds. There’s no sabotage or bad blood, only people who realize that success in school and the real world requires cooperative team work.

    One of my favorite clubs, 3D4E

  2. Extracurriculars – Like everyone who gets admitted to USC I was super involved in high school. When I came to campus I was overwhelmed by the number of clubs and orgs I could join, and now as Junior I have finally started to find my niche. There are endless opportunities whether you want to immerse yourself in Viterbi’s engineering orgs, or if you want to branch out and do nothing related to engineering at all outside of class!
  3. Connections – Don’t let anyone tell you the Trojan Family isn’t real. I have met some of the most intelligent entrepreneurs and innovators during my time on campus in addition to successful alumni who come back to mentor and recruit students because of their love for this school. There are also tons of opportunities to meet professionals through our career fairs and networking nights, all you gotta do is be on the lookout for them!
    The Office of Overseas Studies offers 55 semester and year-long programs in 30 countries.

    Hanging out at Stonehenge during Viterbi Overseas!

  4. Studying Abroad – As an engineer I never thought I would be able to study abroad, but this past summer I went to London for 7 weeks with 34 other Viterbi students and took two engineering courses taught by Viterbi faculty. Not only was I able to experience European culture, but I also made progress toward my degree, and even got ahead of schedule with my coursework.
  5. Game Day – There really aren’t enough words to try and describe Game Day, but it is truly a spectacle to walk on campus and see everything/everyone covered in Cardinal and Gold.
  6. Weather – Really self-explanatory. Unless you are already blessed enough to live in Southern California, coming to USC will be a drastic improvement from whatever climate you’re leaving.

As the clock runs down until you have to submit your final decision, be sure to think carefully about what you really want to be your college experience. Your four years are about so much more than just school, and your best memories will most likely have nothing to do with the information you learn in the classroom. Where ever you choose to go I wish you the best of luck (you should really just pick USC and call it a day), and I hope to see you in the Fall!

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