Hey everyone, hope you March is off to a good start and that your weather is starting to warm up! Things are in full swing on campus with admitted student events, scholarship interviews, and normal day-t0-day shenanigans, so naturally I’ve been crazy busy, but still enjoying every bit of it.

LA Coliseum

As I’m moving further into my USC “career” it’s been awesome to see how the University has evolved since I’ve been here, but it’s even cooler to see the traditions of USC that have been around for many years and play a big role in the student experience. It should really go without saying that my favorite tradition by far happens in the Fall, and that’s when the Cardinal and Gold flows through campus and the Trojans take over the Coliseum for College Football season.

Obviously I’m a huge sports fan. I grew up watching and attending sporting events with my family, and have played a variety of different sports, including baseball for almost 15 years. While I never played competitive football, I was one of the spirit section leaders for my high school and Friday night football was always the highlight of the week. Seeing a game at the Coliseum has a similar feel to it, except imagine you are watching one of the best collegiate football programs in history with 90,000 other people and surrounded by your entire student body. There truly is no comparison to the Gameday environment in South Central LA.

Heritage Hall

The best thing about Gameday is that it is not just a 3 hour sporting event, yet it is an entire day of celebration and fun with the Trojan Family. On any given Saturday you’ll find campus swarmed in Cardinal and Gold as soon as 5 a.m. with alumni and students alike fighting for the best tailgating spot. The University hosts several tailgates for different student and alumni groups, and one of my favorite things to do is check out Heritage Hall to see the crazy amount of athletic accolades USC athletes have accumulated over the years. It is not┬ápossible to not enjoy yourself on Gameday.

On the topic of sports, the Trojan basketball team had an unfortunate 3 game losing streak, but bounced back with a big home win against Oregon State, and looks to take down the Ducks in a big regular season finale game. It looks like we’re tournament bound for the first time in a while, so make sure to fill out your brackets and (maybe…) pick SC to make a big run!

Until next Gameday…

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