Hey everyone! I’m currently sitting in LAX with my dad waiting for our flight to South Bend to see the Trojans take on Notre Dame tomorrow night! I’m beyond pumped for this weekend, but as I look around the terminal I get really sad that there are no reasonably priced, good-tasting food options here. However, food is the least of my worries at USC, and you better believe I frequently indulge in some of the many diverse restaurants, cafes and eateries around campus. So for today it only feels necessary to channel my best inner-Buzzfeeder and give you a list of my favorite places to eat around campus.

California Gogi

A Quick-Serve take on the extremely popular Korean Barbeque cuisine, Gogi offers huge portions for a low price. Instead of waiting in line next door at Chipotle for 45 minutes, cruise into this little joint and grab a mixed bowl with Chicken and Beef Bulgogi topped with any assortment of sides you like. Definitely an overlooked gem of USC.

Pizza Studio

Everyone likes pizza, but everyone likes their pizza a little different. Right next to the Radisson, Pizza Studio gives you the ability to make your pizza however you want with over 40 different meats, veggies, sauces, crusts and spices. For $8 you can top your pizza with unlimited toppings to really get your money’s worth, and don’t forget to grab a cookie when you checkout!


Tired of bad Asian food chain restaurants whose tempura tastes like soggy cardboard? Volcano gives me the best quality Japanese food from sushi rolls to katsu without having to pay an arm and a leg and wait for an hour. My personal favorite is the 3 combo Bento Box: another money saver that might even leave you with leftovers.

Combination Plate

Combination Plate

Study Hall

A new look from the old 2-9 Bar and Grill, Study Hall sits on Hoover and 29th and has a wide variety of classic American food options with a little extra pizzazz. Whether I’m eating a Hoover St breakfast burrito before heading to a tailgate or stuffing my face with a Why Not burger, I always know I can get my fill of greasy homemade food at Study Hall.


I’m a sucker for Asian fusion, and Ebae’s kills the fusion game. While known for their ramen, Ebae’s has great sushi and rice bowls that, of course, won’t have you apologizing to your parents for spending all your money on food. The only bad thing about this place? People pronounce it Ebay’s, but it’s actually eh-bah-ehs (two years of Japanese in high school turned me into a language snob).


The OG. The classic. The Granddaddy of Them All. Spudnuts. Open 24 hours, you really can’t claim to have been a true Trojan if you’ve never had a Spudnuts breakfast sandwich. My go-to: the number 5 and a Cronut.

The Famous Cronut

The Famous Cronut

And there you go, a collection of some of the best foods USC has to offer while I’m still sitting in the airport trying to decide if I really want that week-old looking salad for $15. There are so many other places throughout LA, but if included every great place I’ve eaten while at school we would be here for a while. Have a great weekend, and Beat the Irish!

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