And just like that, another year of college is coming to an end. It’s crazy to think that in a week and a half I will be finished with my Junior year of college, and be that much closer to graduation and becoming a “real person”. It’s been a crazy year filled with a lot of late night study sessions, weekend trips, and adventures around LA, and it’s sad to think I’m almost done. However, there were so many awesome things that happened that I thought I would give a brief list of some of my favorite things that happened this semester.

  1. ASBME Makeathon – Teamed up with 4 other BME students to make a medical device for a NASA inspired challenge; pretty cool if you ask me.
  2. March Madness – USC Basketball made it to the tournament for the first time while I’ve been on campus, and even though we lost our first game it was still awesome to watch.
  3. Spring Break in San Diego – Took a trip down South for a more tame Spring Break trip than most. Went whale watching, visited the Safari Park, and ate lots of good food.
  4. Class – Really? Never thought I would find myself saying this, but class has been great this semester (for the most part). My favorite part has been CAD’ing my own set of endoscopic tools for arthroscopic surgery using SolidWorks.
  5. Drizzy Drake dropping Views – Nothing to do with USC, but I’m way too big of a Drake fan and haven’t listened to anything but this album since it came out.
  6. Being chosen as the new Podcast Host! – In case you haven’t hear yet, we just made it official that I will be one of the new voices of the Viterbi Voices Podcast next year! Special thanks to Kelly for all of her hard work this past year, and be on the lookout for the newest episode coming soon!
  7. Oh, and this.

So as the semester ends I’m starting to look toward summer, and I will be interning with K2M in Leesburg,
VA in their Quality Control department. There I will be working directly with their spinal medical devices and gain some great industry experience. If you’re interested in medical devices, orthopedics, or anything BME related you should definitely check out their website!

So I guess this is goodbye for the summer, but I’ll see y’all next semester! Have a great summer, and Fight On!

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