Hey Everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted my last blog so I figured I’d come right back at ya with quite possibly my favorite thing about going to USC: football season. Now it’s been a rough start to what we already knew would be a very tough year for the Trojan Football team, but after last night’s dominant performance over ASU things are beginning to look up for the Trojans.


USC vs. Alabama game @ AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX

One of my favorite things about football season is the true embodiment of Trojan Family that is on display every home, away, or neutral site game. Out of our 5 games to date, I have been to 4 games including the showdown against Alabama in Dallas, and of course the Weekender against Stanford up in the bay. Both of those games, despite being pretty far away from campus, have been packed with USC fans–students and alumni alike–sporting their Cardinal and Gold and making our presence known on the road. Starting from the tailgates to the end of the 4th quarter, USC football fans are a dedicated bunch that are known for coming out in full force to support their team, and nothing is better than having a swarm of USC faithful fans around you on GameDay.


Hanging out with the VSA’s at Stanford

The Weekender, which takes place every year when we play either Stanford or Berkeley on the road, is perhaps the best embodiment of this, when it seems like over 50% of the entire USC student body makes its way up to San Francisco for a crazy fun weekend. This year I made the trip with 9 of my good friends in an RV we rented for the weekend, which will most likely be one of the biggest highlights of my college career. Amongst others, I ran into some fellow VSA’s (Betty, Maria and Frankie) while tailgating at Stanford and got to watch the game with tons of my friends from USC.

Even though we’re a sub .500 team for the first time in recent memory, we’ve got a favorable schedule coming up before a crazy final 4 game stretch. Already having bought my tickets for the UofA game in Tucson and the infamous rivalry game against UCLA in the Rose Bowl, I will be attending all but two of the Trojan’s regular season games (you could say I kind of like football). Even though I’ll be blogging about different topics throughout the semester I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my football travels and experiences, and if you ever have the chance to see a USC football game whether it be a road game or in the Coliseum, be sure to seize the opportunity!

Before I sign off, I also want to make a quick plug for our awesome Viterbi Voices Podcast that I get to co-host this year with Paul Ledesma! Season 2 is underway with a bunch of new episodes about all the different things the VSA’s did this summer from internships to studying abroad, and we just released our first faculty podcast of the year with Vice Dean Linda Rock (check it out below). Be sure to listen to Episode 34 to hear all about the plans for the renovation of the Science and Engineering Library into a super sweet 10,000+ square foot maker space, as well as some breaking news about new buildings coming to campus very soon.

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