Hey y’all, it’s week 6 of Spring semester and things are starting to speed up in pace, especially class. While taking 16 units of hard science and engineering seemed super intimidating at the beginning of the semester, so far I am really enjoying my work load and I am learning some very applicable skills!

Out of the 5 classes I am currently enrolled in, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy 4 of them. In this post I’ll give you a little overview of each, and why I’m really digging this semester’s schedule

AME204: Strength of Materials

One of the classes I am taking to satisfy my emphasis, Strength of Materials is a theory based class that builds on the knowledge I gained in Statics. We use pretty simple equations to determine how large of a load members of a system can handle before failure, and use physical constraints to decide if a material is adequate in a given assembly. One of the best theory classes I have taken as it is extremely helpful when considering actual design constraints.

Gravitational Waves Discovered! Special Relativity amirite?

PHYS153: Optics and Modern Physics

I told myself when I came to college that I wanted to take the least amount of physics as possible, but here I am in my third semester and Physics III is absolutely my favorite physics class. So far we have discussed Special Relativity, Thin-film Interference and Young’s Double Slit Experiment, and my inner Interstellar fan-boy couldn’t be happier.

Total Knee Replacement Components





BME416: Development and Regulation of Medical Products
Studying Bio-mechanical Engineering with a desire to get into the Medical Device Industry, this class couldn’t be a better fit. In BME416 we learn all about the regulation of the FDA, how products come to fruition through design development, and get to memorize tons of fun acronyms that actually helped me get my internship (GMP’s, QSR’s, and 501k’s to name a few). It can get pretty intense at times, but the real world knowledge I’ve gained in only 5 lectures has been astounding.


ITP499: Computer-Aided Design for Bio-mechanical Systems

Perhaps my favorite class of the four, I am currently learning SolidWorks in ITP499 and hope to be certified in the software by the end of the semester. We have covered the basics of parts and assemblies and are currently working on drawings, and by the end of the semester we will be designing more advanced assemblies that have bio-mechanical implications. CAD’ing is my new favorite way to nerd out.

Although class is fun, midterm season has once again started as of last Thursday. However, this semester there is a bit of a lull in between the two midterm waves, for which I am eternally grateful that I will not have 7 straight weeks of exams once again (thanks to not having to take OChem B!)

As for the Trojans, it was a rough week as we lost both games on the Arizona roadtrip. Falling to 5th place in the PAC, we’ve still got plenty of time to prove ourselves and solidify our spot in the tournament. Until then, Fight On.

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