Hey everyone! A lot has happened since you heard from me last, and the craziness of the school year is definitely upon us! Midterm season is officially underway as I finished my first Organic Chemistry exam of the semester earlier this week, and paper and project deadlines are slowly creeping up. However, I’ve still made it to both home football games so far, and am beyond ecstatic for the Stanford game this weekend #BeatTheFarm.

One of my favorite things about USC is how easy it is to get involved on campus, and how many different student organizations there are that cater to the interests of every student. While I am very involved outside of Viterbi, my favorite Viterbi org is actually the first organization I joined at USC: Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME for short). ASBME is comprised of biomedical engineering undergraduate and graduate students, and is entirely student run. While an organization for engineering students, ASBME puts on a wide variety events spanning from academic based workshops to networking fairs and even social outings. ASBME has a mentorship program that allows younger BME students to get paired up with older BME students to form a meaningful relationship that benefits both the mentor and the mentee. The organization also provides great opportunities for members who are searching for jobs or internships with several events with biomedical company recruiters. Every year ASBME holds its annual Corporate Dinner that is only open to ASBME members and allows BME students a chance to network with corporate representatives on a more personal and intimate level. ASBME is also a social student organization, hosting events that take advantage of being LA such as Hollywood hikes and visits to LACMA.

ASBME also holds weekly meetings that feature informational sessions ranging from student and alumni panels to resume reviews. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be asked to sit on a student panel of BME students talking about their summer experiences. While I got to brag about my awesome experience with Viterbi Abroad, students also got to hear from their peers who held internships at companies like Edwards Lifesciences, and Pre-Med students who spent their summer prepping for the MCAT and doing research. ASBME is a great student org at USC because it offers its members the ability to take advantage of the resources they have as engineering students, USC students, and citizens of Los Angeles. It’s definitely a great way to get acclimated to your busy life at USC, and can help you start getting involved in other areas around campus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope y’all are ready to get your axes out to chop down the Trees this Saturday! #Timber

Throwback to storming the field after beating Stanford

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