Welcome back to my five part blog series Food in Los Angeles! Last time, in Part 1, I detailed my parents’ weekend dinner with my mother, when we ventured into Los Angeles’ Arts District to try Wurstkuche (a German sausage restaurant) and the Pie Hole (a dessert place). If you are interested in those restaurants, check out my previous blog, appropriately named Food in Los Angeles: A USC Student’s Guide to Off-Campus Eateries (Part 1). In Part 2 of Food in Los Angeles, we will be tasting the delicious Italian cuisine of Maccheroni Republic!

In fact, I just ate at Maccheroni Republic last night! Several friends and I from my freshmen residence hall, Birnkrant, went yesterday evening to celebrate my friend Nicolette’s birthday. Upon arriving, the restaurant immediately gave off pleasant vibrations. The restaurant looked similar to a quaint Italian cafe. A medium-sized outdoor seating area was strung with Christmas lights, and heat lamps were turned up to keep the patrons warm as they dined. The lighting was dim, and soft music played in the background as we ate, almost drowned out by the laughter and conversation being had at all the tables.

I like to think that good conversation stems from good food, and the food, and conversation, at Maccheroni Republic fit the bill. Maccheroni Republic is known for its homemade pasta, and the pasta dishes were absolutely delicious. For dinner, I ordered pumpkin ravioli. Dipped in an alfredo sauce, the ravioli was very flavorful, and the spice from the pumpkin provided the dish with a unique taste that I had never tried before. For appetizers, the group ordered fried calamari and bruschetta. Despite being fried, the calamari was fresh and was not dry. And the bruschetta was out of this world. The bruschetta was not your typical tomato based bruschetta. Instead, the dish was served almost like a salad, with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese all piled atop three large slices of fresh Italian bread. Needless to say, I ate too much that evening but enjoyed every second.

But will Maccheroni Republic work for a college student on a budget? The answer is yes! Maccheroni Republic was relatively inexpensive for such a nice restaurant. My friends and I went slightly overboard in celebration of Nicolette’s birthday and probably purchased too much. However, the entrees cost, on average, $13 for a generously delicious portion. And the appetizers, which could be split among 7 to 8 people, cost less than $10 each. In the end, a great meal at Maccheroni Republic could cost less than $20 per person, which is a great price for a delicious dinner out.

If you were not already sold on Maccheroni Republic, here is the knockout punch. You do not need a car to get there! In fact, getting to Maccheroni Republic from USC is quite easy and inexpensive. My friends and I took the LA Metro’s expo line from USC to 7th Street Station in downtown and then switched to the red line. One stop later, we were at Pershing Square and a five minute walk to the restaurant. And transportation only cost $3, $1.50 each way!

I really enjoyed eating at Maccheroni Republic and cannot wait to go back (maybe on a date!). This weekend, take a study break, and make sure to check out all the food Los Angeles has to offer.



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