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Biomedical Engineering
Class of ’17

Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I am a senior studying Biomedical Engineering with a Mechanical emphasis from Phoenix, Arizona. My main interests are in sports medicine and medical devices, particularly orthopedics. On campus I’m involved as a member of 3D4E and the Interfraternity Council, and I am also a Little League Baseball coach. I’ve studied abroad in London with the Viterbi Overseas Program, and last summer I interned with a spinal medical device company, K2M. I am a huge sports fan, and my favorite part of the year is Trojan Football season! Keep scrolling to check out my #ViterbiLife!

My Favorite Places in LA


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Working on a design team with other engineers, we seek to design prosthetics and tools that can be 3D printed. Our goal is to create accessible and affordable solutions to global healthcare issues. My current project focuses on designing 3D printed helmet technology aimed to prevent concussions.
Through the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks I serve as a coach for a local Little League baseball team. Not only do we teach the fundamentals of the game, but also create meaningful relationships with our players and help keep them safe and out of trouble.
The summer after my junior year I interned at K2M, a spinal medical device company in Leesburg, Virginia. In the Quality Control department I inspected over 11,000 implants and instruments ranging from pedicle screws to 3D printed titanium vertebral interbodies. I also designed and reverse-engineered gages used in quality inspections.

My Major at USC: Biomedical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
In my biomechanics class I get to learn about different types of implantable medical devices and surgical instruments. From intramedullary nails used to fixate hip fractures to arthroplastic knee replacements, it’s an awesome class to learn more about orthopedics.
I really enjoy my materials science course because it focuses on applicable engineering concepts and makes me think about the “bigger picture” of manufacturing engineering. I’ve learned about tons of material properties and manufacturing processes, and I’m currently working on a project to redesign a recalled medical device.
BME 416 is a technical elective that anyone interested in medical devices can take. It focuses on the very complex device development cycle, and the process of obtaining and maintaining approval from regulatory bodies to market and sell your product. The medical device industry is highly regulated and often confusing, and this class gave me a huge leg up on other interns during my industry internship.
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Don't try and write your essays the way you think your application reviewer "wants" you to write them. Be honest and genuine in your answers; it will really show that you want to be at USC!

Application Extracurriculars

The theme is passion: getting involved in something you love is much more beneficial than being a member of 20 different organizations. Show that you have a deep interest in what you do!

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?
True! Well, mostly true. Last winter break I bought and assembled a Prusa i3 3D printer! I haven’t printed anything yet, but the circuitry and print bed are ready to go when I get back home!
True! For the ASBME medical device Makeathon my team created a modular compression splint to prevent and treat upper extremity injuries in space! Spoiler alert, we won the competition!
False 🙁 Unfortunately I have only been to 22 so far, but it’s my family’s goal to hit all 30 in the near future! We are clearly a baseball family

My Favorites

  • interstellar

    Favorite Movie: Interstellar
    I have always been fascinated by space and the concepts of higher dimensions, and Interstellar’s plot paired with its unbelievable visuals makes it a movie I can watch over and over (8 times exactly, even as a 3 hour movie…)

  • rickmorty

    Favorite TV Show: Rick & Morty

    One of the most cleverly written shows I’ve ever watched, I love how Rick & Morty weaves science fiction with admittedly stupid humor, which never fails to get me to laugh