Intro to AIChE @ USC!

Hi everyone! My name is Kat and I’m a junior studying Chemical Engineering. I’m writing on behalf of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at USC. So you can get to know us and what we do, examples of past events are below! 🙂

1) Emphases panel 

ChemE is definitely one of the broadest engineering majors at USC. As a freshman, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. Sustainable energy, materials, environmental, petroleum, biomedical, or something else entirely?? Panels featuring the different emphases and conversations with upperclassmen helped me to (finally) decide on an environmental emphasis! 

2) Volunteering with Angel City Pit Bulls

Probably my favorite event so far!! Last year, we volunteered at a dog rescue. It was a great day of giving back to the community while also bonding with other ChemEs. And, of course, there were lots of opportunities to play with the dogs! 

3) Career fair prep

Career fairs can be really intimidating, and AIChE helps prepare you! We typically hold events beforehand to let you practice your elevator pitch, have a resume review, and hear from juniors/seniors who have successfully navigated the internship process. 

4) Study nights

There really is no better way to bond than collective stress, which is maybe why so many of my best friends are ChemEs. (I’m mostly kidding, I think?) Honestly though, I think the only way I’ve gotten through exams is by studying with friends at events like AIChE’s study nights. Plus, AIChE provides free snacks!

5) Conferences

Our USC chapter is actually part of a national AIChE organization. We send a group of people to regional and national conferences each year! Each conference typically has research presentations, career fairs, and ChemE Jeopardy competitions. A fun fact is that our chapter is the current national Jeopardy champions!

6) Mentorship events

Within AIChE, we have a great mentorship program that partners underclassmen with upperclassmen. We have some large group events for mentors/mentees to bond (like game nights or socials!), and mentors typically set up individual things too. My mentor took me to Six Flags my freshman year!

We’re always looking for new members if you’re interested in joining! 🙂 AIChE’s had such a positive impact on my college experience, and there really are events for anyone in ChemE. If you do want to get involved, feel free to contact us at either or We hope to meet you soon!