I love math and physics, which is good, because that’s what mechanical engineering is. But I also love the environment.

As I was applying t13115727_1023842257706205_745127660_no colleges, I knew I wanted to go to a university that let me explore my passion for sustainability with my adoration for nuts, bolts, and gears. As I surveyed my options, I realized that USC would be the only place where I could knit together these two sides of me. Viterbi offers wonderful classes from the first semester of freshman year that helped me understand what mechanical engineering really meant, while the clubs I involved myself with taught me so much about the state of the environment.

Through environmental clubs, I’ve put together solar rallies, volunteered at food waste audits, and learned about the recycling system and the energy grid on campus, which is one of the best energy grids on a Californian campus. But through my AME and Physics classes, I’ve learned what I can do with this information. I have quite a ways to go regarding both my mechanical engineering education and my sustainability involvement, b13101190_1023419357748495_324658526_nut I am sure that Viterbi and USC together will help me achieve my goals and forge new ones, too.

If y’all want to know more about how to get involved in the green scene at USC, check out these websites!

USC ESA: https://uscesa.com/

USC Environmental Core: http://environmentalcore.org/


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