Hello friends!

I used to feel like I didn’t do enough cool LA things, seeing as I live in LA, and LA always has cool things to do. Then last weekend I went to a small concert at the Echo. We went because my friend’s brother’s band, the Gromble, was the second opening act. Little did I know that this band was opening for the second best concert of my life.

Look how thoughtfully the Gromble is looking off into the distance!

Look how thoughtfully the Gromble is looking off into the distance!

To understand my giddiness when Travelers, the headlining act came out, you have to understand two things. My favorite band is Young the Giant (especially their first album), and Travelers is made of up two members of Young the Giant, and sound very much like Young the Giant’s first album. I also didn’t know that Travelers was going go be performing that night, or that I would love them as much as I would.

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This was hands down the happiest I’ve ever been at a concert. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was small, not too crowded, it felt like everyone knew personally someone who was performing. It was a lovely atmosphere, accompanied by even lovelier music.

All in all, I would highly recommend checking out the small events, music and otherwise, that go on around LA. Check out Facebook, LA Weekly, and anything online to find out what events are happening when.

If you wanna check out a song by Travelers, listen to this rad song.

And if you wanna check out my friend’s brother’s band, listen to this little doozy!