Hello all!

First off, here’s my song recommendation for this bi-weekly blog: Worthy by Jacob Banks

My main involvement on campus is with the Environmental Core. This club, endearingly called “ecore”, is a student-run environmental activism group on campus. We try to make sustainable and impactful change on campus, be that through installing drought resistant plants, or working with USC’s administration on trying to get solar panels on roofs.

Though we all work hard to follow our passions, we end up having a lot of fun, too. We have events (gardening, camping, food foraging, other environmental and traditionally “granola” activities) at least once a month. These activities really help build a community within this organization, and I am happy to say that most of the closest friendships are formed at least partly through this club (the others are from my freshman dorm).

All this being said, it was difficult joining the club. I started going to ecore meetings halfway through my first semester at USC. I felt so out of place. Everyone knew what was going on, and everyone seemed to be better friends with each other than I would ever be with them. But because I was passionate about the cause, I kept going to meetings, and eventually created supportive friendships with a lot of the members. It’s great, too, because when I go all green-freak on them and rant about America’s unsustainable dependence on the meat industry, they totally understand. And that’s what real friendships are made of, right?