Hello all!

Hope the world is treating you well. Today’s song recommendation is about climate change (!!) but also more about the gentrification of Nashville. Check it out if you wanna get all #environment here.

This Spring Break I visited my older brother in New York City! I was supposed to leave on Tuesday, but the “snow storm” (put in quotes because everyone I talked to in NYC said it was very anticlimactic) pushed my flight back to today.

We checked out a lot of cool places! We first ventured over to Queens, because my brother lost his phone the night before and the guy who found it lived in Queens. Then we went to the High Line and the Brooklyn Bridge. The next day we went to Smoragsburg (which I would highly, highly recommend) and saw the Fearless Girl, who is very cool and inspiring and everyone should go to the Financial District purely to see her.

The best thing about going to New York was the weather. I love the cold and have never actually seen a lot of snow (that wasn’t manmade for a ski resort or something), so 30 degree weather and a “snow storm” was just what I needed.