Everyone tells you that life in LA is amazing. Such an experience, they say. You’ll have so many stories!

When I first came to USC, I heard about the same things from my friends (and their parents, and their siblings and neighbors and pets). Naturally, I didn’t believe them. Until this one fateful day when my friend and I decided to go to Target.

We took the Metro down to our local City Target (Pro Tip: the metro is a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to travel around LA!) We accidentally got off a stop early due to my poor inability to read maps, but decided to just walk over to Target because it was just a little ways

And then it happened.

As we passed the WaterMarke Tower, my friend stopped. She heard the opening notes of her favorite song and screams, “THIS IS THE NEIGHBORHOOD”. We looked up and, don’t you know it, her favorite band was standing up on the pool deck of the WaterMarke Tower. After a few tears and a lot of excitement, we made it our mission to get into that Tower and meet them. And somehow on that day, every bystander wanted us to be successful. Two people told us where to go, and a man in a business suit swiped us up to the pool deck. We rushed out of the elevator and stopped in our tracks.

There, not three feet away from us, was my friend’s idol. The tears were flowing a lot more freely now, and she was so excited it was both adorable and a little bit worrying. The band got on an elevator to go up to their room and I told my friend to say something to them before it was too late. And finally, just as the doors we13101140_1023419354415162_1052781957_nre about to close, she scream-whispers “I love your music!” and the door closes. End scene.

And that, kids, is How I Met the Neighborhood.

Honestly though, stepping out of USC’s campus is like stepping into a whole new world. There’s always something happening in the city, and we’re conveniently located so close to everything that a night downtown is just a Metro ride away. I would definitely recommend making time to take advantage of this lucky geography – Los Angeles is a wonderful city that demands to be seen!


Picture: Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of us meeting The Neighborhood. I do, however, have a few select pictures of USC’s campus from my dorm (above) and LACMA (title picture). Please Enjoy


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