Last weekend my friend and I went to USC’s Special Events Committee’s Harry Potter-themed event. It was called Lumos! A Night in a World of Magic and, may I say, I was truly magicked away.

The night started off with some good old fashioned butter beer, which was as creamy and whimsical as one would expect. Then we went in for a caricature drawing and I was drawn with a wand! What an amazing time.

The event itself was really well put together, too. They played trailers of the Harry Potter movies, as well as a few episodes of Harry Potter Puppet Pals (Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley). And the decorations were very Hogwarts-esque, too!

this is me and my friend, in case you couldn't recognize us

this is me and my friend, in case you couldn’t recognize us

USC puts on a lot of events like this in general. In fact, there are Cardinal and Gold events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, which gives students something fun and usually off-campus to do. In fact, I’ve gone to the Santa Monica Pier (for free!) as well as seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (also for free!) through Cardinal and Gold events. I am a bit of a Harry Potter nerd, can you tell?

Anyways, that’s all I got for today. Except for, as always, a song recommendation! Tell me if you like it, don’t tell me if you hate it.