Hi guys! I hope you’ve been doing well. Remember how I had three midterms a couple weeks ago? I came out alive! Snaps for Aarya!

I wanted to give a couple tips for how to function in college, because I know it was very difficult for me to figure out how to balance school AND friends AND clubs AND health AND…

You get the picture. I’m just going to rattle off a few unconventional yet pretty helpful (from my point of view) tips; let me know if you find any really helpful or have any questions!

  1. Dorms can get pretty loud, and libraries can get pretty full. In addition to that, I didn’t really study in my dorm room a whole lot. Whenever I had to study for a midterm and I couldn’t find a quiet place to study, I would go to the Multipurpose Room in my dorm, Birnkrant. To drown out the sometimes rowdy background noise, I would play a song on repeat the entire time I studied (usually Every Little Thing by Young the Giant) so that I wouldn’t be paying attention to the lyrics but I had a consistent sound to drown out the talking. Try it out!
  2. If you get a bad grade on a quiz, don’t stress out too much! Panicking over the little stuff will make the big stuff seem even more insurmountable. My advice (if you so desire to accept it) would be to understand what you did wrong so as to not make the same mistake on a more important test. Remember, when you’re 50 and living your dream life, you’re not going to remember that one time you failed a quiz. You’re going to remember what you got out of it.
  3. If you need healthy recipes you can make in college, I really enjoy this website. It’s all vegetarian and pretty simple!

PS: a music recommendation from yours truly.
Side note: he’s from Austin! Hometown pride!