Hello loves!

Wednesday night, I went to a Bastille concert! It was great! Though I might be a bit biased, because this is the band that got me through junior year.
In fact, one of the reasons I loved this concert so much was that I was supposed to see them 3 years ago, but it didn’t work out. The day of their concert was the day I was flying out to visit my brother, and though I love my brother, I was unhappy about missing the concert.
Fast forward to now, and past Aarya have been assuaged.

it looks like he’s giving Dan Smith a high five!

Bastille played all their hits, and some of their less-than-hits. Dan Smith’s voice sounds just as smooth and British in real life as it does recorded, in case anyone was wondering. They performed at The Novo, which is this huge venue tucked away in LA Live!

Though the concert was wonderful, the thing that stood out the most to me was the fact that I went. Sometimes I feel like I don’t take advantage of the fact that I live in LA, and this concert helped make up for that. High school Aarya never in her wildest dreams thought she would be going to a concert on a Wednesday night, let alone one that started at 10:00 PM!

me and all my friends who attended to concert

If I learned anything from this experience, it would be to be down to try anything. I had my doubts about going on this concert, mostly because it was on the Wednesday of one of my busiest weeks, but I made it work and I will remember this concert for much longer than I would’ve remembered doing my physics homework.

It would be remiss if I didn’t recommend a song from Bastille, so take this one called Lethargy. This is my favorite song from the new album. Now whenever I say lethargy, I can’t not say it in Dan’s British accent.