Hello friends and family,

I returned to USC yesterday! I gotta say, the place retained its charm well enough over the summer, even though I thought the heat would bake the beauty straight out. (It did not.)


Look at my roommate and I! Not in our room thought don’t worry we don’t live on a statue.

Anyways, right, I moved in yesterday! The day was a wee bit on the insane side, as I woke up at 4:30 AM CST (which is 2:30 AM USC time), hopped on a plane, and starting moving into my apartment in Pacific Apartments (it’s really nice– will post about it later, fret not, children). My parents flew down with me, which was nice, but moving in was still craaaaaazy. Imagine trying to run backwards on a treadmill, and you’ll get a small idea about how rough moving in was.

That being said, this apartment is amazing! I’m living with one of my best friends, which is really nice because we have no classes together, so otherwise i wouldn’t be able to see her. She’s also an engineer, so these Viterbi connections will serve you well. And there are in fact engineers that have souls, contrary to (incorrect) popular belief. Classes start in two days, so get stoked! All the educating will happen.

I’m about to go to the welcome back concert, which USC┬áputs on every year to (you guessed it) welcome back its students before classes! There’s also a comedy show tomorrow, so if you wanna laugh really hard while internally crying about going to class the next day, be sure to check that out.