Your 360° Viterbi Life

Take a panoramic tour of some hot spots on campus.

in a typical day in the life of a Viterbi student.

8:00 AM:

Start your day in your Soccer class learning new skills with students from other majors like Psychology, Creative Writing, and Theatre.

8:50 AM:

Stay after class to run a few laps on the track.

9:15 AM:

Bike back to your dorm, Marks Tower, to take a quick shower and grab your books for the day.

10:00 AM:

Head to Fertitta Hall for your first class of the day, Technology Entrepreneurship.

12:00 PM:

Order a bánh mì sandwich from RTH Cafe, a hot spot for engineers grabbing food on the go or collaborating on class projects.

12:45 PM:

Eat your lunch outside of VKC, where your Linear Algebra class is held at 1:00.

2:30 PM:

Walk with a friend down Childs Way to get to SAL, the Computer Science building, for office hours.

3:00 PM:

Get help on your homework assignment in SAL from an upperclassman who recently took your Data Structures and Algorithms class.

5:00 PM:

Meet a friend in the McCarthy lobby in the USC Village before grabbing dinner at the dining hall.

7:30 PM:

End your day hanging out at the Parkside cabanas by the fireplace.

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