Weekender and Monday Night Mission

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This past weekend, we got revenge. After my last trip to Stanford two years ago, I’ve been waiting a long time to beat them on their own field, and at my last Weekender trip, it happened.

I went up to Stanford with a group of my friends, and we spent the whole three days moving around between San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto. It was an exhausting weekend, but a ton of fun and the football game was an unbelievable highlight. Being in the student section when we made our game winning field goal, and then forced a fumble, was one of those experiences you can’t understand until you are a part of it. It’s school spirit taken to the next level, and you’re sharing it with a horde of other USC fans.


Behind enemy lines at the Farm

Behind enemy lines at the Farm

Another great part of the trip was seeing the giant rally in Union Square the night before the game. It’s always impressive how many USC fans travel to games and make their presence known. And it’s always fun to get a chance to see the greatest marching band in the universe.

Celebrating after the game. No Stanford fans left in the stadium

Celebrating after the game. No Stanford fans left in the stadium

Something else we did this week, was a member of my fraternity organized a group of people to join up with a group called Monday Night Mission, a group of people who make food and go to Los Angeles’ Skid Row to feed the homeless. I was extremely impressed at what that group has managed to put together, just out of the goodness of their hearts, and being there last night I could see how much of an impact they have made on the community in Skid Row and I really appreciate the work our philanthropy chair is putting into bringing our fraternity members along to help the community.




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