USC’s Health Center is cool

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This is going to be a short one as I managed to fracture my hand over the weekend and typing one handed is quite difficult. How did I do this you may ask. Well, I fell down some stairs. And by some stairs I mean one step. The bottom one. As the doctor said, when you fall, you fall hard. So I’m turning this post into a shoutout to the great service I got at the health center. I managed to go in today with no appointment and be seen, have X-rays taken, be splinted and sent on my way in an hour and a half. Compared to last years 5 hour debacle at downtowns lovely California Medical Center for some head staples (a story for another time), this was fantastic. I didn’t even have to leave campus for X-rays. And even though this health center is good, we are almost finished with the construction of a brand new one.USC rocks. Also, random note, my one handed WPM is 30. According to Wikipedia, the average computer users is 33. I’ll be rocking this one handed thing by the time I heal.

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