My Advice To Freshman: Try it out

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That club you’re thinking about joining. The frat you’re thinking about rushing. That major you have always wanted to take a class in but are scared to try. Go for it. Try it out.

If you see Matt Barkley, go for it and get a picture

If you see Matt Barkley, go for it and get a picture

Freshman year is the best possible time to try out something new. You are in a new place with new people who have no prior expectations. No one will mind if you started out in one major but switch to another. You are completely free to try out all the things that you want to do. Don’t worry about narrowing it all down. There’s plenty of years in college to fine tune your interests but only one year where you are new to it all.

Every college student has a story about a student org, or a class, or a major. Something they can’t imagine not being involved in now but that they didn’t ever think about before they came to college. I had no plans to join a fraternity or to be a Comp. Sci. major but now I don’t know how I would have taken a different path. Your interests might change from when you leave high school to when you come to college and that’s okay. It’s happening to everyone. So try it out. You will never regret going for it.



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