Junior Year at USC: Looking Forward

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Now that the summer is over and school is back in full swing I’m starting to get the hang of the new semester. My semester is going to be extremely busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m finally getting deep into the Computer Science curriculum and I really feel like I’m learning meaningful, interesting things. My Software Development class is approaching programming from a different direction than I’m used to by approaching it from a design first perspective. Now that the programs have gotten sufficiently complicated it really would be difficult to solve a problem without detailed design and impossible to do it well.

Starting out the semester with the Viterbi Luau

Starting out the semester with the Viterbi Luau

I’m also really feeling the internship I did for the past six months pay off. The amount of programming and design I worked on was phenomenal practice for the advanced development I’m getting into. It’s strange not working on the same project every day now that I’m back to floating around between different assignments.

On the subject of internships, one of my friends and I have started preparing for fall recruiting with his giant whiteboard. We are doing practice problems to work on our interview-coding skills. We want to really be practiced in every common algorithm, its runtime and implementations. You can never be too prepared.


Working on the whiteboard


I’ve got lots more going on as well this semester that you will be hearing about this semester as things progress. It’s great to be back but it’s crazy that I’m passed the halfway point on my undergraduate years.

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