Career Expo-Preview

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This Thursday is the Fall USC Viterbi School of Engineering Career Expo.Once a semester, recruiters from just about every company you can think of descend on the Engineering Quad to hire us wonderful Viterbi students. Having experienced my first Career Expo last Spring, I can say that I find them to be pretty awesome. It’s just a big collectionof recruiters to talk to in a friendly environment. I love to talk. So for me, it’sa great setting. Walk up, start talking, hand off a resume and make a conversation. Sounds fun.

Another great thing about the Career Expo is that it’s a great reminder as to how many options are out there for Viterbi Engineers. There are so many companies out there who come to USC just to hire us. And it’s not just those big gigantic companies like Microsoft. It’s a reminder that there are hundreds of options in all these different fields for engineering majors. Nothing like a once a semester reminder that there are many paths to take after college. It’s a great way to open your mind up to something you maybe had not considered before and to look at companies you may never have heard of that are doing amazing things. And everyone wants to be part of something amazing.

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