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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my Senior Design project. I’m building a scheduling system for one of the offices on campus. So I’m leading a team of 7 other students to build a web application. We spent a semester designing the system and have been implementing it for the past month. We have been working using a Python web framework, Flask, and it has been a ton of fun learning new technologies and building a system from the ground up. It has been a unique experience to be able to start from complete scratch and build a working, usable system. It’s crazy to me looking back and thinking about how far I have come in the past few years as a software developer. Looking at the work I did freshman year, it’s amazing that in a few years, I was able to go from basic input/output to building, deploying, and managing large applications.

I’ve always loved practical side of Computer Science, the getting your hands dirty and building something. I love tinkering with our server and deployment system, and working with my true love, Unix. It’s a nice way to transition from being a student towards being a full time developer next year, and I am really applying a lot of the skills I learned in my internship, about writing robust, well tested software, instead of just making things work.



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