Why I’m Looking Forward To My Spring

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Spring semester is bringing in a lot of new and exciting things for me. I have a lot to look forward to like my classes, the projects I’m working on, club events, and making summer plans!

This semester, I get to take some of the coolest classes out of my four years at USC. The two I’m most excited is my Programming Game Engines class through Viterbi and Game Design Workshop, a Cinematic Arts class that teaches game design through making analog/board games. The reason I’m so excited is because both of these classes are deeper dives into the technical and the creative practices of making games, at the same time. While I’ll spend my time in my Viterbi class making my own game engine that runs smoothly/efficiently, I get spend my time in my SCA working with students from diverse majors designing interesting gameplay and building my own creative practice. I’m also taking an improv class through the School of Dramatic Arts, just for fun.

This semester I’m also finishing up a large Virtual Reality project I’ve been working on for the entire year. This will result in an end of year showcase at the School of Cinematic Arts where we will be giving demos and showcasing the work our team put in throughout the entire year. It will also be at the Schools Virtual and Augmented Reality showcase being put together by XRSC, the school’s AR/VR community I help run. I’ve never taken such a large project to the level of polish and completeness worth having a showcase for, so I’m very excited and a bit nervous about getting there.

I’m also still figuring out what I’m going to do this semester. Some more job applications I’m applying to have just opened up so I have to get on those. There are a few opportunities that I’m really excited about, including one working for a games professor that I had Fall of my Freshman year working for his small studio on VR games. I’ll make sure write a blog post once I know where I’m going! If I end up not having a job, I’ll probably go back to San Antonio to stay productive and have a relaxing summer, which I’m also fine with.


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