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Hey Everyone!

One of my favorite involvements on campus isn’t a part of Viterbi at all! Last fall I joined the student run radio station, KXSC Los Angeles. Going into college, I decided that I no longer wanted to continue marching band after high school, but I knew I wanted to find a way pursue music.

I came across the radio station on the first day of the involvement fair fall semester. The KXSC booth told me that after a semester of training, I could have my own radio show. That was enough for me to apply and soon enough, the radio station turned into a low commitment activity that I could look forward to each week. While I didn’t have a show yet, I had an assigned DJ to shadow for the semester. In addition, I helped run the weekly live show where a band would come in to be broadcasted live.

After my training semester, I was assigned my 12-1 PM slot on Saturdays and was able to officially title myself DJ Milk Steak. There’s a lot you can do with an hour every week, so deciding what to do with my show was tough. Some people do weekly DJ sets, some explore local or world music, and some even interview artists or do on air sketches. Ultimately, I decided to take a look at the structures of albums, specifically the first and last songs on albums and their significance.

My show’s “theme” very much limited the songs I would play on air and forced me to explore a lot of new music. Every week I picked a genre and put together an hour-long playlist to play on air. Sometimes I would also bring in friends to talk to about music or just how their day was going. Each show was different and entertaining because I had the freedom to make it whatever I wanted every week.

Everyone always asks me how many listeners I get and I honestly never check. It has never really mattered to me because every week it’s been worth it to go in and find new music to jam out or chill to while broadcasting. Above all, no matter who’s listening, I still have a great time contributing to a community of people running a station and do my part to keep the platform alive and active.

You can hear me this Summer every Friday at 10 PM PST for my show “DJ Milk Steak: American Hero” where I live mix and DJ a blend of electronic, house, hip-hop, and pop music on air (which I learned how to do through training sessions at the station).

Fight on and support college radio!

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