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Computer Science (Games), ’21
San Antonio, TX

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I’m Zachary, a sophomore studying Computer Science with an emphasis in game development from San Antonio, Texas. On campus, I have a board position in VRSC, Viterbi’s Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality club. I am also a member of the Makers of Entertaining Games Association (MEGA), and a DJ at the student radio station! Next school year I will be working on a year long Augmented Reality project through USC’s Advanced Games Project program, building a rhythm game for the Mira AR headset with a team of artists, designers, and other engineers. On the weekends I love going to see live music around Los Angeles and going to the movies at LA Live with the people I live with!
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VRSC is an organization that gathers all students across campus interested in Mixed Reality technology and connects them with each other. We also bring in the industry to give talks and workshops, and to help judge our annual student festival where student made projects are showcased!
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Makers of Entertaining Games Association

MEGA is USC’s central organization for those who are interested in making games. They often host different events to connect people who are interested in game development, and also hold multiple game jams a semester to keep people developing and active.
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KXSC Los Angeles

I am a DJ at the college radio station! I host a weekly music show that last an hour and have a great time expressing myself on the airwaves. In addition, I’m also learning how to DJ and mix so I can help table different events for the radio station and be able to experience music in a way I haven’t before!
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My Major: Computer Science

How did I pick my major?

Computer Science (Games) seemed like an obvious choice for me! It’s a program that allows students to learn computer science in addition to pursuing games and entertainment, which was perfect for me!

My Favorite Classes

This class is a C++ programming class that really pushed me to become a better programmer. Some of the topics covered in this class and are really interesting and involve building and implementing the data structures and algorithms you’ve heard of in the past from your other classes. My favorite project was a two part search engine we built. First, we implemented basic searching tasks on a group of .txt files we were given. Second, we had to explore and find new .txt files by following links of a few we were given, and had to rank our search results with the same algorithm Google used when first starting out!

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

I’ve already seen some awesome concerts and I’m looking forward to seeing more, especially because it is right next to campus.

My Netflix Obsessions

  • Breaking Bad as a show was made so well. The characters and acting are amazing, and the story is insane! If you haven’t watched this show yet you need to!

  • This is my favorite comedy on TV out there. The ridiculous characters running a small pub in Philadelphia leads to more than you think, with consistently amazing writing and jokes.

Favorite USC Tradition

My favorite tradition is the lighting of the Coliseum’s Olympic torch during the fourth quarter of every football game. It’s exciting and helps keep the student section’s energy up!

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