My Favorite Study Spot: Ground Zero Performance Cafe

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What makes a study spot ideal for me is a place that will first and foremost allow me to do work, but also make studying feel less stressful. For me, the Ground Zero Performance Cafe fits the bill. While I certainly have places I go for some hardcore studying, for a day-to-day regular workspace Ground Zero is the best.

Parents Weekend!

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It’s that time of the year. For the past four years, I have been fortunate enough that my entire family (minus my dog…) has been able to attend parents weekend every year. Being from Missouri, I generally am only able to go home on longer school breaks. It’s great that midway through my fall semester I am able to see …

San Diego: Engineers Without Borders West Coast Regional Conference

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Hey everybody!!! Greetings from sunny San Diego! I’m south of LA for the weekend with 11 other members of Engineers Without Borders-USC attending the West Coast Regional Conference. The weekend has been amazing thus far, with the team arriving in San Diego last night and attending a great film festival put on by the conference. Today brought even better times, …

The Summer of Science and Roadtrips

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And we’re back with the second installment of summer blogs. Hope everyone’s summer has continued to be awesome and that everyone’s tanner than they were when they read my first blog post. If you recall from that post, I spent the first part of my summer getting acclimated to research intern life here at Argonne National Laboratory. Since then, everything …

Study Breaks

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With finals right around the corner and many final projects coming up within the next couple of weeks, I figured I’d share some of my study strategies/favorite study break pastimes. While the idea of study breaks has certainly drawn mixed results, if you find them to be helpful then here are some of mine (in no particular order): 1. Go outside – …

USC in a Word: Global

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As I tweeted a few days back, one of the main reasons that I came to USC was in order to see more of the world. Had never left U.S. before coming to @USC. Will have traveled to Honduras, U.K., Argentina, and S. Korea by end of semester #USCmeansGlobal — Zach Gima (@ZTakeo) March 10, 2013 With my junior year …

USC Society and Business Lab and What Not

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As I sit in LAX waiting to board my flight to London for the Global Grand Challenges Summit (tune in next week for an update), I finally have a chance to take a step back and realize what an awesome past week this has been/how awesome the rest of the semester will be. This past week really encapsulated everything that Viterbi …

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

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Hey y’all, No matter what the college, one of the biggest questions/concerns freshman have are where they are going to live freshman year. Coming from Missouri, I literally had no idea about the dorm scene at USC or which one was “best” or whateva so I spent time googling the different dorms trying to figure out where I wanted to …