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Hey there! As the semester is ramping up, one class I’ve been really excited to start doing work for is CSCI 401, my senior capstone project! With most of my major requirements fulfilled, I have a couple of tech electives left to take, and most importantly, this senior capstone class. It’s not so much a class than it is a semester-long group project. At first, I was a little wary (group projects can always go either way) but I was excited to hear that we are working on building real solutions for clients in LA!

Our professor spends most of his summer finding clients for us — they’re usually companies that need technical development done for them, such as a new website or new application portal. Since they might not have the staff or funding, our professor gives them the option to let us complete the work for them. The project that my group chose to work on this semester is for a non-profit called Walden Family Services.

I was really excited to chose this project since I really believe in using technology to help social causes. Walden Family Services is a foster care, adoption, and family services agency in Los Angeles, aiming to serve youth and help find the best homes for them. A bottleneck in their work process has been managing all the data that comes in from their clients. For our project, we’re working on automating the data processing so that the employees can spend less time generating reports and more time helping children in need.

So far, we only have a basic frontend visualization implemented, and there’s plenty more to do before the semester ends so that the employees can use our application.

Each week we have a video call with a representative from Walden to let them know our progress and discuss any roadblocks. To build our application, we’ve been using Javascript and a couple of external libraries that I’ve never worked with before. But apart from the new technologies, I’ve learned a lot about foster care and the intricacies of the system. It’s been so rewarding to know that working on this project can really help them make the process easier.

This project is shaping out to be a great way to connect all the things I’ve learned in my classes and apply them to building real solutions! Super excited to see where this project goes 🙂

Thanks for checking in! Til next time, fight on!

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